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Glocal (global-local) – The Media, Technology, Peopple

TechWave will focus on Japan-centered cross-border business development and the technologies that support it in the tide of global digital transformation. Not only for startups, but also for engineers and innovators and their supporters who contribute to industries that are useful to humans, they not only transmit information, but also develop events and support projects, and play a role as a broad media.

・ Target: Innovators in each industry, emerging technology companies, startups / new business units, academic institutions / research institutions, open innovation utilization schemes in large companies, media companies, investors, government agencies, local governments,

・ Focus fields: Digital adoption and utilization in existing industries and living areas, or world-class technologies, companies and teams. Technologies and case studies that innovate industries and lifestyles

・ Create a real experience: Developing a media business that has a deep significance beyond the online / real fusion type

Sponsorship Available Tokyo Blockchain Summit 2020