One of the most creative investor&entrepreneur: Takafumi Horie

Mr Takafumi Horie, FOUNDER OF SNS MEDIA&CONSULTING INC is joined our blockchain summit!

Currently, he is active in space rocket development, producing small app “TERIYAKI” “755” “Manga newspaper”, and also acting as a preventive medical dissemination association. The readers of paid e-mail magazine “Horie Takafumi’s Blog cannot say it” readers are on the scale of 20,000 people with over 3 million followers on Twitter (@takapon_jp). In August 2014 we started a membership communication salon “Takafumi Horie Innovation College” (http://salon.horiemon.com/). Recently, his books are hit on the web and bookstore. “これからを稼ごう” (”to earn from the future”), “多動力” (“multiple power”), “むだ死にしない技術” (“technology not to waste dead”).

Read more: http://weblog.horiemon.com/100blog/

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