Speaker on April 22nd 2020

Yu Jianing Digital Economist

Dr. Yu Jianing, a well-known digital economist, authoritative blockchain, metaverse and Web 3.0 expert, has been hailed by China Weekly as “the leader of cultivating blockchain thinking”, and has been honored with Global Blockchain Leadership Award, Special Contribution Award for Blockchain Development, Metaverse Chinese Leadership Award, Top Ten Blockchain Figures in China of the Year, etc. . He holds many positions, including the Founder and President of Huoda Education (also known as Huobi University), the Executive Director of China Mobile Communications Association Metaverse Industry Committee, Co-chairman of the China Communications Industry Association Blockchain Specialized Committee. Dr. Yu Jianing’s book “Metaverse” has been translated into six languages and sold worldwide. Huoda Education is the leading Web 3.0 and metaverse educational institution in China, training more than 50,000 students.


Speaker confirmed 2020