Timothy Sykes

The Timothy Sykes workshop has passed, bringing the entire event to its end on the 28th November at The University of Tokyo with 120 participants. As Tim said: ‘Any topic that you like. Every single thing that you want to do in your life. You can master using the internet and if you continue to study hard’. We at TEAMZ appreciate and thank all of our special guests, Mr. Isao Ichikawa, Mr. John Kojiro Moriwaka and Mr. Kingsly Kobayashi. Each shared their own experience to help everyone; entrepreneurs, students and those who want to be a startup in the future. In regards to the Global Startup Ecosystem Report of 2017, ‘Tokyo’ was not in the rankings for best performing startup cities. But we strongly believe that within a few years, Tokyo has the potential to be the next ‘Silicon Valley’. For this dream to become a reality, we all have to design the future together and keep doing what we love. We will do our best to provide a better service for you next time. Thank you very much. See you all again soon.