March 22nd Business Event

Pitch conference

March 22-23, 2018 in the University of Tokyo and Shangri-la hotel. 12 investors, 15 Pitch companies, 500 audience. 34 private meetings, 20 investment deal, 42 collaboration contract.



Jeffrey Wernick

Jeffrey Wernick

Undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate at the University of Chicago, majoring economics and finance. Jeffrey Wernick, undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate at the University of Chicago, majoring economics and finance. Studied under various Nobel laureates including Friedrich A. von Hayek, Milton Friedman, George J. Stigler, Merton H. Miller, Ronald H. Coase, Gary S. Becker, Robert Lucas, Myron […]

David Drake

David Drake

Founder and Chairman at LDJ Capita David Drake is Founder and Chairman at LDJ Capital, a multi-family office which deals in worldwide funds accessing over trillions in assets, and maintains over 50+ global directors and family office partners. More recently, Mr. Drake is also seen as a leader in cryptocurrency.  Mr. Drake saw the value […]

He Chang CDC


Founder of Huan Taiji and Dou Dian Worked in Baidu Founder of Huan Taiji and Dou Dian Worked in Baidu,, Google Product Development, end user experience management; Former 4A Digital Marketing Co., M&C SAATCHI-i Head of China Region; Founded the well- known Internet meal company Huan Taiji; Founded Design Service Platform Dou Dian APP; […]

Nick Yang Ning Investor with suits


Founder of LEBOX CAPITAL Founding partner of LeBox Capital, Stanford University Master of Electronics, Engineering Network Professional; Founder of China Young Angel Investor Leader Association; participating in establishing ChinaRen. com as First Chief Technical Officer; establish KongZhong, as President and Chief Technical Officer, successfully listed NASDAQ; Devoted to investing in hardware, big data and artificial […]

Anin Uzzaman Investor Fenox Capital CEO with suits


General Partner & CEO of Fenox Venture Capital Anis Uzzaman, Ph.D., is the General Partner, CEO, and founding member of Fenox Venture Capital, a Silicon Valley-based VC with strong global network and investments. Anis has invested in over 120 startups in the United States, Japan, and South East Asia. Prominent US startups in the Fenox […]

Chris Hill WeWork Japan CEO with T-shirt


Special Guest: Chief Executive Officer, WeWork Japan Chris Hill is Chief Executive Officer of WeWork Japan, a subsidiary of WeWork Cos. In this role, Hill is responsible for establishing WeWork’s operations and community as well as growing the Company’s presence in Tokyo and beyond. Hill joined WeWork in 2010 shortly after its founding to serve […]

Fuyuki Yamaguchi Mistletoe Investor with White shirts


Senior Advisor of Mistletoe Fuyuki Yamaguchi is actively engaged in venture investments. After researching physics, he provided management strategy consultation at Bain & Company and Roland Berger to high-tech companies, telecommunications carriers, and manufacturers. After studying in the United States he worked with investment funds and a Taizo Son group company along with vast experience […]

Javin Tan Investor with suits


President of the Malaysia Creative and Cultural Business Industries Association (MCCIS) Javin Tan is President of the Malaysia Creative and Cultural Business Industries Association (MCCIS). He is a well-known angel investor that specializes in creative and cultural content or structure (South East Asia & Asia Pacific Region). He is also involved in creative and cultural […]

Kunal Desai Angel Investor with Jacket


CEO of Bulls on Wall Street Kunal Desai is an American stock trader and CEO of Bulls on Wall Street, an online trading academy. Kunal is known for becoming a wealthy retail trader and growing his multi-million dollar business with his close friends. He is also a cryptocurrency trader and investor where he has capitalized on […]

Toshitada Nagumo Investor Fenox Japan with suits


CEO of Fenox Japan Toshitada Nagumo serves as CEO of Fenox Japan. He is responsible for fundraising, corporate partnership, and startup investment in Japan and across Asia. Toshitada founded and managed his own consulting firm and has more than 10 years of experience in growth strategy consulting, new business development support, fundraising, M&A, and IR […]

Wu Di Investor Dawn Capital with suits


CEO of Dawn Capital Wu Di is the CEO of Dawn Capital. Prior to initiating the establishment of Dawn Capital, Wu Di was the founder and chairman of Hengxin Ding Ming International Investment Consulting Co., Ltd. and was responsible for the non-performing assets business of CITIC Asset Management Co., Ltd. During his tenure at Hengxin […]

Zhanhua Wang YiHong INVESTMENT CEO Investor with suits


CEO of YiHong INVESTMENT Wang Zhanhua is the chairman of Beijing Yihong Investment Management Co., Ltd., the general manager of Beijing Jingzheng Decoration Co., Ltd., the founder of Yinjia (Beijing) Investment Consulting Co., Ltd., the president of Beijing Tianhao Culture Development Co., Ltd., the chairman of Xingyaozhongshi Beijing Culture Media Co., Ltd., now has five […]


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Blue Whale foundation

CEO – Will Lee Website Will Lee is the CEO of Verlocal. He is a serial entrepreneur and has been running a couple of startups in the San Francisco Bay Area for the past 7 years. Will has also worked in the sharing economy industry for 5 years. He studied Artificial Intelligence at Stanford University and […]

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CEO – Jordan Oon Website Jordan Oon, the 32 years old Chief Executive Officer is experienced in IT business and has won several prestigious awards as a leader as well as an entrepreneur; he has also successfully led and delivered multiple projects including an online education project worth 5 million USD. HostAStay, a platform that provides […]

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CEO – Shamov Dmitry Website Mr. Shamov Dmitry is the CEO of MARK. SPACE JAPAN which is based in Japan and Russia. He graduated from the National Education University in Moscow, Russia and has had experience teaching mathematics and IT in university. He studied abroad in Japan and is now continuing to create videos about Japanese culture […]

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Wirex Ltd.

APAC Business Development Manager – Kevin Newman Website Kevin Newman leads APAC Business Development for Wirex Ltd. With 30+ years experience in Asia and 50+ countries globally, Mr. Newman is a serial entrepreneur in Tokyo, including investments in clean tech and clean energy sectors. Mr. Newman holds a masters degree from the Fletcher School of Law […]

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AnchorZ, Inc.

CEO – Masahiro Tokuyama Website Mr. Masahiro Tokuyama is the CEO of AnchorZ Corporation. Prior to his incumbent work, he was engaged in business planning with major manufacturers and companies such as United Airlines, Sharp, Ark Information Systems, and Trinity Security Systems. He made significant achievements in the virtualization of DVDs and CDs. After that, he […]

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mibot inc.

Co-founder&CEO – Mitsuhiko Nakamoto Website Mitsuhiko Nakamoto is the principal attorney of Nakamoto & Nakamoto and co-founder and CEO of mibot inc. He spent his youth in Mexico, Spain, Japan and in the U.S., and speaks Spanish, Japanese and English fluently. He passed both the Japanese bar and New York bar, and also obtained a certificate […]

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Parity Innovations Co. Ltd.

CEO – Satoshi Maekawa Website After graduating from Kyoto University in 1988, Mr. Satoshi Maekawa was in charge of developing an automatic control system for aircraft at NEC Corporation. In 1997, Kyoto University Graduate School of Engineering Department of Electrical Engineering Doctoral course completed, proposed a postsynaptic competitive learning as a self-organizing learning and acquired Ph.D. […]

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CEO&Founder – Walter Wang Yue Website Walter Wang Yue was an early data scientist of Singapore’s largest Teleco–Singtel’s Spin-off DataSpark which focuses on geo-location data analysis from Teleco, where he won the outstanding staff award and led a million dollar big data project between 2013 and 2015. Since 2015 July, he has co-founded Lgloohome with […]

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Seven Dreamers Laboratories, Inc.

Founder & CEO – Shin Sakane Website Shin Sakane is the founder and CEO of Seven Dreamers Laboratories, Inc., a lifestyle innovations company, founded with the concept of applying technologies to develop consumer products that have an impact on people’s lifestyle. Prior to founding Seven Dreamers, Shin was with I.S.T Corporation, a specialty materials company, and […]

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Social Coin

CEO & Founder – Ivan Caballero Website Ivan is a Leader, Entrepreneur, and Strategist working in pursuit of a kinder society through people’s inclusion and empowerment. He accumulates more than two decades of developing successful disruptive tech startups that create a better society. In 2013, he founded Social Coin, a social movement to foster and […]

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CEO – Adelu Osho Website Adelu Osho was MSc Economics and Business Administration, a former researcher at the University of Oulu. Founded SuprView Ltd an innovative Startup commercializing technology of Augmented Reality (AR), designing an easy to use architectural visualizer that utilizes latest augmented reality and mobile technology to display realistic 3D models of buildings and […]

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 Co-Founder & CEO – Guy Melamed Website Guy is a product strategist and relentless entrepreneur. He has already contributed to the success of GreenRoad, a major player in commercial fleets and connected cars, as its CPO and Head of Strategic Partnerships. He also founded Toontok, an engaging animated-messaging startup, which he led as CEO. As VP […]

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CEO& Founder – Alexey Burdyko Website Alexey is a star among gaming industry professionals. He has built and exited multi-million dollar projects, created technological breakthroughs and disrupted marketplaces for content and competition in gaming. He is now responsible for bringing the blockchain revolution into that industry. During the latter part of his career, Alexey has focused […]