Aleksei Antonov,Managing Partner of SCDE Ventures, TEAMZ blockchain summit tokyo japan, Investor, SONM Co-Founder, Public Speaker

SCDE Ventures
Managing Partner
Aleksei Antonov

Investor, Managing Partner in SCDE Ventures, SONM Co-Founder, Public Speaker.

Aleksei has been focusing on Bitcoin and digital assets since 2016, has invested in 40 different ICOs and has successfully managed several ICO projects including www.SONM.com. He is a managing partner and a founder of SCDE Ventures, global digital asset management firm and a research provider registered in Singapore (www.suicide.ventures). After discovering Blockchain technology, Aleksei has founded the first Blockchain oriented educational foundation in Russia. He is also a well-known public speaker on the subjects of Blockchain on various stages both at the international conferences and at the universities around the world and has authored several publications including some critical comments on questionable ICO projects. Aleksei has been actively involved in cryptocurrencies trading and Blockchain assets portfolio management, he has made over 2000 trades on various crypto exchanges.

Past Honored Guests

Jeffrey Wernick

Jeffrey Wernick

Studied under various Nobel laureates including Friedrich A. von Hayek, Milton Friedman, George J. Stigler, Merton H. Miller, Ronald H. Coase, Gary S. Becker, Robert


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