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Head of Sales Trading
Fernando Martinez Fernandez

Fernando, Head of Sales Trading for OSL, along with his team, develop and execute trades and trading strategies for funds, family offices, brokers etc. OSL is Asia’s Leading Digital Asset Brokerage, its core business is providing institutional size liquidity and a suite of institutional products and services for Digital Assets. OSL is part of to the BC Group, (HKex 000863) which is one of the world’s leading blockchain technology companies. OSL has worked in a number of different ways with the majority of the world’s largest crypto players.

Fernando has been in the Digital Asset Space since 2016, bringing experience in wholesale and commodities trading in emerging markets. Fernando previously co-founded a physical commodity trading firm in Latin America. Fernando has served as board member of the Mexican Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong and holds a BA from the University of Monterrey and MBA from the Hong Kong University.

Past Honored Guests

Jeffrey Wernick

Jeffrey Wernick

Studied under various Nobel laureates including Friedrich A. von Hayek, Milton Friedman, George J. Stigler, Merton H. Miller, Ronald H. Coase, Gary S. Becker, Robert