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Fight to Fame
Farzam Kamalabadi

World-renowned influential personality in finance, energy, digital economy, and national strategy.

Slated “The Most Influential Foreign Figure in Modern China History” by Chinese state media, United Nations’ Pictorial magazine, Arabian Business Arabic, and other global media.

Kamalabadi is the person who guided and directed Africa’s first ever bloodless and zero-bullet power transition – Zimbabwe November 2017.

Kamalabadi’s iconic financial deals totaling $20 B USD include: Gulf Cooperation Council’s series of Sovereign Wealth Funds’ investments into Industrial & Commercial Bank of China (ICBC) and Agricultural Bank of China (ABC), the first ever in world history; US Exim Bank loan to 56 Chinese cities for environment solutions; China-Oman trade volume hyper jump from $600mm to $11Bn between 2001 to 2007; as well as nearly 100 private and public deals.

In the blockchain sector Kamalabadi is the President of “Fight to Fame”

Past Honored Guests

Jeffrey Wernick

Jeffrey Wernick

Studied under various Nobel laureates including Friedrich A. von Hayek, Milton Friedman, George J. Stigler, Merton H. Miller, Ronald H. Coase, Gary S. Becker, Robert


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