COO and Co-Founder of TEAMZ Inc - Yanying Deng

CO-founder& COO
Yanying Deng

Yanying “Toto” is a Chinese entrepreneur, speaker, and advocate for young women in business and female leadership.

Toto is the co-founder and COO of TEAMZ, Inc, a blockchain solutions company focused on business growth through marketing, development, investment, and network building based in Tokyo. She is a passionate entrepreneur that looks to be a role model for young women entering the business world and advocate for female leadership. She has spoken at various events including TEDx [email protected], Girls 20, Musashino International Association, Tokyo University, and Japan Chinese Entrepreneur Association.
Toto started her first business in Beijing at the age of 19. She was previously a Business Consultant at IBM Japan and lead the global expansion team. She has a Masters degree in Intercultural Communication from Tokyo University of Foreign Studies (Japan) and Entrepreneurship at San Diego State University (USA).

Toto is fluent in Chinese, Japanese, and English. She has lived in 4 different countries including China, Japan, USA, and Costa Rica. She is passionate about multiculturalism and working in a world without borders. Toto is an experienced Pipa player and enjoys spreading Chinese culture through music.

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Jeffrey Wernick

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