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BitINKA & Blockzy
Head of Business Development
Sebastian Rizo-Patron Parks

Head of Business Development at BitInka, the most important Crypto Exchange in Latin America, and Blockzy, a cross-border payments & remittance solution. Sebastian has a combined international experience of 7+ years, in areas such as marketing, business development, and consulting services. Using his experience in the financial services industry, he is currently focusing on the global expansion of both brands. BitInka is a crypto trading platform founded in 2013, with more than 100 trading pairs for Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, Ripple and other cryptocurrencies, which allow the users to buy and sell in more than 40 different currencies from Latin America, America, Europe and Asia, connects with 35 banks. bitInka – South American Blockchain Platform for People.

bitInka – South American Blockchain Platform for People

Past Honored Guests

Jeffrey Wernick

Jeffrey Wernick

Studied under various Nobel laureates including Friedrich A. von Hayek, Milton Friedman, George J. Stigler, Merton H. Miller, Ronald H. Coase, Gary S. Becker, Robert