Yin Xiaogang

CEO of KEX Group – Yin Xiaogang

Yin Xiaogang, CEO of KEX Group, consultant committee member of Financial Technology Innovation Lab of Peking University; Founder of Liaoning Fortune Cat Equity Investment Management Co., Ltd.; Vice President of Shenyang Celebrities Association of Wanda Group; Senior virtual currency player, investor. After 15 years in the financial industry, with his enthusiasm towards Bitcoin and blockchain, he devoted himself to the trend of financial technology startups. He has a wealth of practical experience in corporate strategic layout and operational planning as well as adequate understanding about the regulatory requirements of financial institutions. He believes blockchain is a future-changing technology and the understanding and insight towars blockchain will lead to the iteration and revolution of countless sectors in the future. With blockchain technology, Yin and his KEX team hope to eliminate the trade barriers, improve transaction efficiency and promote digital currency application and development globally.