Yan Wang.CEO of Huobi Club, TEAMZ blockchain summit, tokyo japan exchange

Yan Wang, CEO of Huobi Group, graduated from Michigan State University. Before joining Huobi Group, he worked in the government department of China. After resigning, he joined the second largest logistics firm called “UU paotei” as Co-Founder.  With great experience in project operation management, he joined the Huobi  Group as CEO of Huobi Club.

As the entry point of the Huobi Group, Huobi Club has already laid out 10 (China) “Node city” to address the blockchain industry incubation space, few entities, localization, ecological incompleteness, blockchain technology and traditional enterprises. The integration of many issues, 2019 is expected to globally integrate 30 cities as  “node city” to accelerate the global integration of blockchain industry.