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Founder & CEO – Shin Sakane


Shin Sakane is the founder and CEO of Seven Dreamers Laboratories, Inc., a lifestyle innovations company, founded with the concept of applying technologies to develop consumer products that have an impact on people’s lifestyle. Prior to founding Seven Dreamers, Shin was with I.S.T Corporation, a specialty materials company, and worked in various positions within the company for several years before becoming the president and CEO in 2008. While in charge of I.S.T, Shin was responsible for doubling the company’ s revenue in 5 years time and oversaw successful acquisition and integration of an advanced materials company, called Super Resin, Inc. Shin resigned his position at I.S.T in 2010 to establish Seven Dreamers Laboratories. Under his leadership, Seven Dreamers has been a recipient of several awards including the 2017 Special Jury Award for Technology Innovation Award by the Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry of Japan.