planning, development, design of optical, components, systems

CEO – Satoshi Maekawa


After graduating from Kyoto University in 1988, Mr. Satoshi Maekawa was in charge of developing
an automatic control system for aircraft at NEC Corporation.
In 1997, Kyoto University Graduate School of Engineering Department of
Electrical Engineering Doctoral course completed, proposed a
postsynaptic competitive learning as a self-organizing learning and
acquired Ph.D. He joined the Communications Research Institute
(currently National Institute of Information and Communications
Technology, NICT) and was engaged in research in fields such as
biological signal processing, meta-learning, self-organizing acquisition
of body images, developed a dihedral corner reflector array (DCRA)
which is a novel imaging optics. In 2010, aimed to commercialize DCRA,
Parity Innovations Co. Ltd. was launched as a venture originating from NICT.