A New World With QONECT QONECT uses blockchain technology to create a real borderless and secure transfer of value with QON tokens. Using both blockchain and AR + AI technology, QONECT aims to create a new living experience for people by connecting virtual and real world, and bridge the gap between content (both online and offline) and consumers. AR × AI x Blockchain QONECT leverages three technologies to create a leading-edge digital marketing system. The core technologies used are Blockchain, Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence, in addition to the QONECT token technology used on the QONECT platform. The technologies quantify the rewards from retailers to loyal customers who promote or refer their products and/or services to their community of friends and followers. The QONECT Token The QONECT token is a unique token based on Ethereum network. The QONECT Smart Contract allows for automatic reward/transaction processing and maintaining integrity as all users are rewarded based on the same criteria as determined by the AI (Deep Q-Network). QONECT tokens are used as a unit of exchange within the QONECT ecosystem and network.