FlipNpik is the first platform to allow users to monetize their social media engagements. It is a collaborative social media ecosystem that is set to revoluntionise digital marketing.  In line with the FlipNpik philosophy of sharing value, users are rewarded with FlipNpik tokens (FNP) for posting about and promoting businesses. This in turn translates to a more effective marketing for businesses. FNP is an ERC-20 token, and will be listed on several exchanges. 

The FlipNpik mobile app is already available on iOS and Android, and its technology has been rolled out in Europe, North America and Asia.   The company also signed several partnerships globally which will onboard a significant number of merchants and users.

Using a conservative target of only 0.0325% of the global digital marketing industry, the potential annual revenue for FlipNpik is 1.2 Billion USD, corresponding to a company Net Present Value over 100 Million USD. The FlipNpik team can count on many experts, including experts in finance, algorithm creation, content creation, marketing and technology. The project has also received the support of the best cryptocurrency advisors.

FlipNpik is headquartered in France, with regional offices in Montreal, Geneva and Singapore.  For more details on FlipNpik, please visit https://flipnpik.io