Exchangily is a decentralized exchange that was originated in the United States. It is one of the most essential applications built based on the Fast Access Blockchain (FAB) of Canada. Its most important technological breakthroughs are reflected in two categories: 

1. The transaction speed can be comparable to centralized exchanges, the process capability of Exchangily can achieve one million TPS. The speed is achieved through Annex-chain and Sharding.

2. Cross-chain transactions can be completed on the same platform. Cryptocurrencies are created from different public blockchain, there is no uniform protocol specification. The first deposit of funds into the Universal State Layer (USL) is a cross-chain, the remainder of the transaction afterwards happen inside USL chain. The system uses a unique cross-chain compatibility mechanism to support the import of third party currencies and high-speed transaction processing.The model of Exchangily platform is fair and transparent, it is owned by the blockchain public communities. The exchange rewards the 100% of its earnings daily to the platform coin holders. The coin holders also have the voting rights for coins to go public on Exchangily. The enterprise-level blockchain users can achieve one-stop service through FAB public blockchain and Exchangily decentralized cryptocurrency exchange.