DISCIPLINA is the first multifunctional blockchain to create verified personal profiles based on academic and professional achievements. Our project aims to make quality changes in the field of education and recruiting and aid the effective use of blockchain technologies. DISCIPLINA will store the whole history of academic achievement of a person in blockchain, generating their personal score. It will allow recruiters to simplify the candidate search by their fields of expertise and skills required. The team consist of 45 people. Our team has a great experience in education and blockchain fields. This blockchain is being developed from scratch by TeachMePlease team and former developers of Cardano (ADA coin).

Why are we developing our own blockchain architecture?

DISCIPLINA will store confidential information, such as the courses, students’ tasks, grades, and test results. Therefore, public blockchain solutions, which store all of their transactions in open access — Ethereum or EOS, for example — are unacceptable. At the same time, private blockchain solutions, such as Hyperledger, do not provide enough verifiability of the data stored on them.


Unlike traditional PoW mining, the DISCIPLINA platform provides energy-efficient PoS minting. The users will get rewards for any productive activity devoted to transaction processing and supporting the network. The network rewards the users proportionally to the volume of DSCP tokens on the balance of each user.

DISCIPLINA-alpha will be released on the late Summer, 2018.

You are welcome to become an early user at the https://alpha.disciplina.io