CentrumCoin addresses the shortcomings and challenges of the constantly evolving ICO ecosystem by creating a bridge between the two main parties: retail crowd investors and projects looking to ICO. By underwriting each project we invest in, we only execute ICOs for businesses that are proven and have a high chance of successful execution.

Retail crowd investors within the CentrumCoin ecosystem will receive:
High-quality deal flow of investment opportunities in lucrative and prescreened blockchain projects vetted by our technical and investment management teams.
Exclusive access to the private-sale phase of pre-screened ICO projects before the public launch.
Transparency and full disclosure for their investments every step of the way.
Full knowledge and accountability of the usage of ICO funds.
Continuous recurring income from future earnings of our portfolio projects from dividends and bonus coins.

Projects looking to launch ICOs will receive:
Venture financing, technology incubation, and globally compliant ICO execution for all viable blockchain, cryptocurrency, and tokenizable projects.
Financing for the entire cost of the project’s ICO up to $1.5M.
Technological, legal, financial, regulatory, and marketing services to securely issue successful ICOs that achieve their hard-cap.