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Gabriel Zanko

Gabriel Zanko is a Blockchain & Technology Investor – Advisor to several global companies -startups and projects developing complex solutions and tackling global problems using new technologies such as Blockchain – AI and IOT which are disrupting our current models in society.

Founder of MobileyourLife Group which is both an Investment Banking Firm and a Fund focusing on the following:

1-Raising Capital for private technology companies in the fields of Blockchain – AI -IOT- Networks

2-Raising Capital for Funds (VCs -Hedge Funds – Incubators-Accelerators and Fund of Funds)

3-Crypto-Exchange listing and Market Making for token-model projects

4- OTC trading desk – exchange (BTC mainly)

5-Quant-AI strategies for trading Institutional Capital mainly for Bitcoin (BTC).

6- Converting Crypto to Fiat in several jurisdictions globally (Switzerland – Malta – Lithuania-Gibraltar-Bermuda)

7- Digital Asset Management using AI Strategies for managing the capital raised by Blockchain Projects (Mostly)

MobileyourLife counts with global partners for PR & Private events with investors globally. (NYC-London-Tel Aviv) and across Asia (Mainly China). Gabriel Zanko also acts as a speaker and panelist in global technology conferences from NYC-DC and San Francisco to Stockholm – Malta, and China. On the other hand, Gabriel Zanko along with MobileyourLife group and several partners globally has access to several deals in the traditional economy and following areas -Solar & Wind Energy development – Investments in Lands – Lands for production and Real Estate – Innovative Real Estate solutions globally – Vineyards – Hotels and many more. -Precious metals (Emeralds – Gold) & Agricultural – Tech deals.