ZHANG Songhao

CEO of KG Finance – ZHANG Songhao

CEO of KG Finance

ZHANG Songhao is the CEO of KG Finance. He is an alumnus of Tsinghua University PBC School of Finance. He has been an entrepreneur and kicking off start-ups ever since 2011. In 2013 he joined BTC123 and took charge of data mining and sorting,and navigation and search. Later on, BTC123 became the largest portal sites among its domestic peers and one of the most influential ones globally. In 2015, he founded Link-E Technology ltd.. It focuses on integration of digital currency and blockchain, media, data, public relation, bit coin mining, and investment. From a start-up of 2 persons to a company employing 100 people, it becomes profitable in the very next year after founded. From 2017, ZHANG Songhao founded KG Finance and runs the company as CEO. KG Finance is in the game with Toutiao, but it has blockchain roots: distributed storage, secure and temper-proof manner, and innovations. Copyright rooting makes every letter published on KG Finance platform counts, makes it possible to become a writer and living upon it for everyone. As of today, KG finance has about a million users, a hundred thousand daily active users and a thousand column writers.


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