Partnership with Binance Blockchain Week in Singapore on Jan 2019

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We are pleased to announce that TEAMZ will be the partner of Binance Blockchain Week in Singapore on Jan 2019. It is a leading blockchain event that aims to deliver in-depth discussion and insights on the growing blockchain ecosystem.Binance Blockchain Week will gather highly reputable thought leaders in the blockchain industry to share their knowledge and […]


ブロックチェーンに対して堀江さんはどういう考えを持っているのでしょうか?39秒まで公開します! ご覧ください! 続きはぜひ、9月28日のサミットにご来場頂きお聴きください。 ステージでお待ちしております。 #堀江貴文 #ブロックチェーン #仮想通貨 #ビットコイン 9月28日のカンファレンスにお申込みはこちら!

Top 3 Chinese blockchain media: BABI Finance

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“TEAMZ” is featured on the news page of BABI Finance! Our summit has pressed on all of Top 3 blockchain media in China: Jinse Caijing, Bi Shijie, and BABI Finance. Thanks a lot for support us! BABI Finance is a #media company covering #fintech news, focusing on#blockchain, #capitalmarkets, fintech and other relevant fields. With branches established in France, Japan and […]

Online and land-based casino ICO: NEVULA

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We are pleased to announce that #NEVULA, integrated online and land-based casino blockchain project as the main sponsor to joined #TEAMZ#blockchain #summit! Join the telegram: Web: Twitter: Introduction about NEVULA: Nevula is a completely integrated online and land-based #casino #ICO project. This utility token can be changed into casino chips and used for casino service so it can encourage the prosperity […]

The Korean useful blockchain media: TheNews.Asia blockchain media logo

Our first Korean article about TEAMZ BLOCKCHAIN SUMMIT! Thank you for joining us as a media partner! TheNewsAsia More about them and join their Facebook group! Korean ver.: English ver.:…/teamz-blockchain-summit-connecting-…/ Introduction of TheNews.Asia: TheNews.Asia is a #news #media creation and distribution #solution aimed in the blockchain and #cryptocurrency industries. Our main goal is to share accurate and useful information in Korea and […]

The Top Blockchain Media in China: Jinse Caijing (Golden Finance)

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TEAMZ BLOCKCHAIN SUMMIT and Tokyo Blockchain Week are featured on JinseCaijing’ top page. (Knowns as Golden Finance in English) The top blockchain media in China, Jinse Caijing is not only our media partner but also they are the co-organizer for Tokyo Blockchain Week from September 27th to October 2nd, 2018. Don’t miss it! Read more:

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Tokyo Blockchain Week is published on! Thank you, our media partner! Know more about Qukuaiwang: Qukuaiwang ( is a blockchain information service network. We provide media releases about digitalcurrency, blockchain projects, trading platforms and blockchain games. Qukuaiwang is designed for the dissemination of information in the blockchain field, and to facilitate the good development of the blockchain industry. 区块网(是 区块链 信息服务网,我们提供 数字货币、区块链项目、交易平台及区块链游戏发布。区块网主要用于区块链行业信息的传播,促进区块链行业健康发展,让我们链在一起。 Read more:

Welcome to Tokyo Blockchain Week in September 2018! Japan’ PR TIMES

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THE DOOR TO THE FUTURE(未来への扉)をテーマとしてTEAMZとKEXが合同で東京ブロックチェーンウィークを2018年9月26日から10月2日まで開催します! 東京ブロックチェーンウィーク期間中、TEAMZ主催のTEAMZブロックチェーンサミットが2018年9月28日と29日に開催されます!今回のサミットはTEAMZとKEXを初めとした数多くのパートナーが連携し、ブロックチェーンの最新プログラム、著名なメディアプラットフォーム、各エリアの主要人物および世界の各業界における著名な方々を招いたオリジナルのブロックチェーンイベントとなっています。 Read More:

10 million unique visitors for the crypt-asset: Coindesk

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TEAMZ BLOCKCHAIN SUMMIT has been added to the schedule of events on Coindesk! CoinDesk was founded in 2013 and reaches over 10 million unique visitors with news, events, and information services for the crypt-asset and blockchain technology community. CoinDesk carries the most widely-sourced Bitcoin Price Index, an index incorporated by The Wall Street Journal, Financial […]