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Top 3 Chinese blockchain media: BABI Finance

“TEAMZ” is featured on the news page of BABI Finance!
Our summit has pressed on all of Top 3 blockchain media in China: Jinse Caijing, Bi Shijie, and BABI Finance. Thanks a lot for support us!

BABI Finance is a #media company covering #fintech news, focusing on#blockchain#capitalmarkets, fintech and other relevant fields. With branches established in France, Japan and South Korea, BABI Finance has access to A-list blockchainers both home and abroad. Its iconic products include video interview “Blockchain 100”, TV program “BABI Alchemy” and crypto research reports produced by BABI research team.#BABIfinance #topmedia

Read more: http://www.babifinance.com/quotation/2596.html

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