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5月17日 / 5月18日

TEAMZ Blockchain Summit now is
TEAMZ WEB3 Summit, please check the following link

TEAMZ Blockchain Summitは、
TEAMZ WEB3 Summitとなりましたので、



TEAMZ Blockchain summit in Tokyo Toranomon Hills 5F

On the occasion of the 5th anniversary of the TEAMZ Blockchain Summit, we have chosen a special place

New Era Developed Together

The TEAMZ WEB3.0 SUMMIT is an updated version of the TEAMZ BLOCKCHAIN SUMMIT, the most influential blockchain event in Japan, with a focus on Web 3.0, which has become a trend in recent years. This event will promote the development of Web 3.0 businesses by Japanese companies through lectures by people active in the Web 3.0 field from around the world and by deepening understanding of the current situation and industry in the Japanese market and international affairs. The slogan for this summit is "Web 3.0, Start Here”. The theme of the summit is to discuss the development and trends of the Web 3.0 industry in 2023, and how Web 3.0 will affect society, the economy, and the user experience.

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Lets Rock 2020

TEAMZ Blockchain Summit, Bigger than ever!

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Welcome to TEAMZ

Summit Overview

Main Stage

In the Main Stage, Web 3.0 leaders from around the world, invited from Japan and abroad, will share their thoughts on development, industry outlook, use cases, Web 3.0 related business ideas, investment, etc.

Panel discussion

Maximized value ideas and innovations will be generated by layering opinions on specific topics from various perspectives, including executives, technologists, and investors.


In the exhibit hall, you can share ideas, show attendees your products, talk about partnerships at project booths, and experience the latest Web 3.0 innovation resources from around the world.


Red Carpet

As the closing event of the Summit, you can mingle with guest speakers, experts, and investors from around the world. Drinks and exquisite food will be served. Dress up and enjoy an evening in Tokyo.

VIP closed-door conference

All speakers and panelists from the Summit will attend this conference, where VIP guests will be able to receive advice directly from the industry's elite.

VIP conference